Manzel Joseph Seet

Age 20 • Male • Singapore
Passionate in Infocomm & Electronics

Cyber Security Ctf

The following are write-ups of my solutions to CTF challenges.
I do these write-ups mainly for myself to reference in the future.

With this, my works are published and licensed under AGPLv3.

Especially with the high focus on IoT and embedded systems recently, I am also looking into Embedded Security.
Do hit me up if you have any learning opportunities in the Embedded Security sector!



CrossCTF 2018 Finals 9/21 place
CrossCTF 2018 Qualifiers 5/45 place
PACTF 2018 1285/1475 points
angstromCTF 2018
Xiomara CTF 2018
EasyCTF IV 2018 5206/6066 points (12th place)
GryphonCTF 2017 3/21 place
TPCTF 2017
CrossCTF 2017 Finals 6/19 place
CrossCTF 2017 Qualifiers 14/22 place
HSCTF 2017
angstromCTF 2017
PACTF 2017

Last updated in July 2018