Manzel Joseph Seet

Age 21 • Male • Singapore
Passionate in Infocomm & Electronics

Cyber Security Ctf

In my polytechnic days, I have been exposed to Cyber Security and IoT Security through various events and competitions.

I am familiar with software security concepts, like cryptography, reverse engineering and binary exploitation.

Recently, I have also been learning about Embedded Hardware Security. Do hit me up if you have any learning opportunities in this sector.

Kaizen Hacker Night CTF 2018

Attained 2nd runner up at the first-ever Kaizen Hacker Night CTF held in Singapore.
The CTF had hands-on challenges on forensics, web exploitation, scripting and binary reverse engineering.

Online CTF Writeups

In addition to on-the-site events, I also spend my free time to learn via online CTF challenges. My new writeups are consolidated on my Github @zst-ctf.

The following are some notable write-ups for various CTF challenges.



CrossCTF 2018 Finals 9/21 place
CrossCTF 2018 Qualifiers 5/45 place
PACTF 2018 1285/1475 points
angstromCTF 2018
Xiomara CTF 2018
EasyCTF IV 2018 5206/6066 points (12th place)
GryphonCTF 2017 3/21 place
TPCTF 2017
CrossCTF 2017 Finals 6/19 place
CrossCTF 2017 Qualifiers 14/22 place
HSCTF 2017
angstromCTF 2017
PACTF 2017

Last updated in April 2020