Manzel Joseph Seet

Age 21 • Male • Singapore
Passionate in Infocomm & Electronics


In secondary school, I joined the Marist IT Society CCA where I picked up intermediate video editing skills.

I am familiar with the concept of using non-linear (NLE) video editing softwares, namely Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X.

I also have experience with basic filming skills like camera angling and storyboarding.

Sec 4: Class Graduation Video (2015)

A video for my class during the Sec 4 Graduation Dinner (Class of 2015, Sec 4 Edward)

Polytechnic Year 1: News Report (2016)

I had a group assignment to create a news broadcast style reports for my communication skills module.
I led the video editing for a few segments of the news report presentation.

Polytechnic Year 2: Innovation & Enterprise Showcase (2017)

A project to learn more about FYP projects done by previous students.
I created a video to summarise the learning experience

NYP-DBS Innnovation Challenge (2018)

A challenge focusing on emerging technologies.
My team envisioned and proposed an innovative smart fridge module.

Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic Light (2019)

A video proposal for using computer vision for Pedestrian Crossings in Urban Mobility.

Last updated in Feb 2019